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Change: The One Constant in Life:

Updated: May 18, 2022

The only thing we know for sure is that things will always change… or in this case GROW!

SGL is growing, friends!

A little background information…

I am a teacher. Did you know that? Many years ago, I attended LaSalle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in 1989 I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Education in both Elementary and Special Education. I started my career that year at a fairly large middle school in South Jersey. I taught and tutored all levels and learning styles of children ranging from age 11 through 15. I taught it all including… “How to Build a Battery”, YES, a literal battery, in 6th grade science class. I actually feel a little throat regurgitation when I think of that day… just being honest.

In the end, when I found my “groove”, I mostly taught reading and language. I loved it ‘til I didn’t. (That’s another blog.)

So, long story short, I went back to school in order to study for a Master’s Degree in Art History. I had big, BIG PLANS! I ABSOLUTELY loved it, and I worked very, very hard. I traveled after work and at night via car and subway within the tri-state area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware to achieve this goal. And, you know what? I did very well! Why say that? Because twice I was told I was a terrible writer by two very ignorant, pompous professors. Yup! It’s ok… I proved them wrong. I’m not asking for sympathy nor praise. I’m just saying.

Well, as God would have it, in the midst of all of that, Tom and I decided we wanted a baby, and after some time… I got pregnant!!! It was then, we were blessed with the means and ways (Thank you for all your hard work and love, Tommy!) for me to stay at home and raise not one but two children as my hubby’s career took us from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Florida to Georgia. It was in Georgia where we spent the most of our family life and raised our precious Luke and Olivia. Although my dream of working in a big city museum didn’t happen… I got EXACTLY the blessings I needed!

Staying at home was certainly a blessing, but it was not easy, not by a long shot! I’m not asking for sympathy nor praise. I’m just saying. Again… another blog. Anyhoo… as my children got older, I returned to my roots, the public school system, in a literal plethora of ways via volunteering. I was… art mom, PTO mom, helper mom, toy drive mom, food drive mom, sport mom, carpool mom, bring in guest speaker mom, president of the high school orchestra mom, chorus board member mom, silent auction chair mom and more! I was even a paid substitute teacher for three years. WHEW! Again, I’m not asking for sympathy nor praise. I’m just saying. Moving on…

As you can see, I guess the love of education and learning never really left me even though I left “teaching” per se. I guess being a teacher is what and really who I am; it’s who God created me to be! And at this seasoned (with salt, please) age of almost 55… I have decided to embrace once again the fact that at both my educational and personal core, I am a teacher. I taught my students. I taught my children. I can teach you! I’m back!

I found it EXTREMELY rewarding to write the Noah, Joseph, Abraham and Hall of Faith series of blogs. In fact, I got a few comments on how those blogs brought new light to the Bible for some of you! WOW and WOOHOO! That is my point, and that is my purpose for even starting this blog! YES!

I so look forward to not only writing these “teaching“ blogs, but also to the research involved, the “digging in“ to the Bible that is so necessary for this task and for these days.

In the end, these blogs will seek to broaden not only our understanding of the Bible, but bring us knowledge and information on the people, places and events it presents. In other words, these blogs will speak to our minds. But wait… I’m not finished.

I also plan to continue writing what I guess I would call devotional or (since I live by the beautiful sea) “sea-votional” blogs. These blogs will look at how the mighty scriptures can help us when we’re up or when we’re down… when we’re in good times or bad. These blogs will speak to our hearts.

But wait… I’m still not finished.

I also plan on, I don’t know if I’d say “writing”, but “sharing” the next type of blog by worshipping in song with you! Every Wednesday we will begin “Worship Wednesdays”! For these blogs, I will post a song, often times the lyrics and a quick word or two from me on what the song means to me, how I felt when I heard it or the circumstances surrounding it.

But wait… I’m STILL not finished.

Finally, my daughter, Olivia, had a very interesting class assignment this year in one of her PR classes. Wasn’t this business, SGL, blessed to be selected by her to create a website around the parameters her professor required. You will see the results of that project soon! We will have a new look, new items and the new blog platform!

But wait, I’m still, STILL not finished! (Last time, I promise!)

I need something from all of you, if I may ask. I’ll take your prayers… please. This is not easy for me. Not by a long shot. I have MUCH to learn (Hello, technology!), create and organize. I guess as a teacher, I am always a student, too! Please, keep me and this business, in your thoughts. Thank you!

This is my purpose right now. Where it will lead… I really don’t know, but Jeremiah 29:11 says these plans God has for me will lead to prosperity, remedy and healing (no harm), a hope and a future! Thus says the Lord! Who am I to argue?

I’m finished.

Stay salty, and have your best blessed day!

In Christ,

~ Chris


Barb Ronchetti
Barb Ronchetti
May 19, 2022

Another GREAT blog Chris👏👏

Replying to

Thank you so much, mom!!!

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