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Salty Girl Living!

Many people have asked me how I came up with the name “Salty Girl Living”. It was a process, let me tell you. A lot is involved in choosing a name. You want to say so very much in two or three words. This name was no exception. It was like I was naming a third child! All I knew was that the word “SALT” had to be a part. I also knew I wanted the name to have multiple meanings… a name that was up for all different interpretations from all different people. So, after MUCH prayer and about a million brainstorming sessions with my family, “Salty Girl Living” was born!

Now, check this out…According to The Free Dictionary, there are the three definitions of the word “salty”. I LOVE them all, so much so that there’s a little bit of each one reflected in “Salty Girl Living” both as a business and (hopefully) in me as a person.


(sôl′tē), adj. 

  1. Of, containing, or seasoned with salt. As I mentioned before, I love salt. I. LOVE. IT. I use it on virtually everything I eat from french fries to falafel! (I really should carry a salt shaker in my purse, really.) But salt is not only a condiment meant to flavor food. In ancient days salt was also used as a preservative. In fact, it was even used as currency. Connection? Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:13 that we are the “salt of the earth”. What does that mean? Here’s my take… let our lives, what we are called to do, enhance the lives of others by bringing good flavor, good taste and let it be done in proper doses. Let our lives and all we do preserve what is good, right and true. Let our lives be valuable not only to those who have been placed in our path but also to ourselves and most importantly, let us be valuable in The Kingdom.

  2. Suggestive of the sea or sailing life. Salty Girl Living is based in Destin, Florida. Destin is located in the panhandle of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, it is known as “The World’ s Luckiest Fishing Village”! People from all over the world vacation here. The beaches are beautiful. The air smells of the salty sea. Who else would live here but a salty girl?

  3. Witty; pungent; earthy: salty humor. As I mentioned way above, I’m a “Jersey Girl”. Jersey Girls are known to be, well… maybe just a little “salty”. We tell you what we think. We are tough. We are strong. And although we can be a little sarcastic at times, we are loyal. We are true. We are very sensitive, and we also love hard.


Friends, I’m a Salty Girl through and through. I honestly do not think I could have picked a better name for this business! So, I invite you to join me in this celebration! I invite you to live the “Salty Girl Life”!


Our Logo!

I absolutely love, LOVE our logo!  I am also super excited to say that I actually designed it myself!  Insert a BIG “Thank you, Tom” right here for encouraging me to do so even though I did not have the confidence!  But you do that a lot, Tom, and I love you for that!

This logo definitely evolved from my first concept… a wave and the sun.  As I went through this process, I grew to know that I wanted this logo to portray the three things that most represent Salty Girl Living as a brand… Faith, Creativity and the Beach Life.  I also knew I wanted some “hidden meanings”.  I love those!  So, that said, let me share a few things you may or may not have noticed within the Salty Girl Living logo.

Check it out…

The logo’s shape is circular… continuous… just as God’s love is always and in all ways!And, just as our ability to both try and learn new things is continuous.  These things, friends, are never ending.

The small house or “beach shack” represents the simple things in life.  Be humble.  Be grateful.  Love what you have.  Don’t ever give up believing that God will bless you when you trust Him.  That is exactly who He is.

Of course, this home is located on the beach.  The salty ocean and bright sun tell you so.  I guess you could say this is the ultimate destination for any beach lover… to live by the salty water and bright sunshine.  You can also say as Christians, we are called to be both salt and light in this world.  Matthew 5:13-16 tells us so.

And… speaking of that bright sun… there are 12 rays surrounding it.  If you do a bit of research, the number 12 has GREAT significance in the Bible.  Jesus had 12 followers, the apostles.  He first spoke in the Temple at age 12.  The number 12 also represents perfection or authority.  If so led, please follow the link below to “Crosswalk” to see just how vital a role this number plays in Christianity.

There are numerous grains of salt located throughout the logo.  We can’t be the salt of the earth if we have no flavor, right?  I also LOVE salt… LOVE. IT… remember?

There are three crosses in this logo.  Can you see them?  There are two within the circle’s outline and one on the paddle board next to the house.  These three crosses represent The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  The paddle board?  Well, that is totally a beach life thang!  If you ever have the chance to get on one out there in the ocean… please, do it.  The peace you will feel is amazing!

The two palm trees scream both beach and Florida to me!  I still remember the feeling I had as a little girl when I would see that first palm tree on our family vacations to this beautiful state.  To tell the truth, I still feel that way.  If you research the significance of the palm in the Bible, you will see much.  It is said palm branches symbolize goodness, triumph and victory.  All four Gospels tell of the moment when Jesus triumphantly entered into Jerusalem.  The people greeted Him by laying palm branches at His feet and by waving them in the air.  Although He would give His life selflessly a few days later, we know He rose again in Victory! 

There’s more, but those are the basics.  Maybe you see something I don’t.  If you do… let me know!  I’d LOVE to hear from you!

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