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Faith Over Fear

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

As I sit here this morning (three solid cups of coffee in), knowing the great task before me, a lot of thoughts riddled with much emotion are running, no, SCREAMING through my head. Has this ever happened to you? I’m guessing it has. You see, today I am writing my first “official” Salty Girl Living blog post! That’s awesome, right? Those who know me best know I’ve waited a lifetime to start my own thing… my “Act 2”… my dream! Well, that time is now! It’s here! WooHoo! So, here I sit, and quite frankly, I’m nervous!

What in the world do I write about? What if what I write is stupid? What if I make a grammar mistake… or even worse, two? What if no one reads it? What if the people who do read it, hate it?

And, there’s more.

Now, I suppose all of these thoughts are worthy of consideration, somewhat sensible… even valuable, but as I reread them, I realize they are also mostly negative. Is this the way to start a business? NO… it absolutely is not!

This blog, this business, Salty Girl Living is the answer to YEARS of dreaming; YEARS of journaling; YEARS of envisioning; YEARS of trying so many different things; YEARS of praying! So… let me begin again (a fourth solid cup of coffee in hand) with a great task before me, a major thought adjustment, and armed with calmness and FAITH OVER FEAR!

Now… let’s tackle those questions I raised above.

I will write what comes to my mind and heart. If it means something to me, it is not stupid in my eyes. I will most likely make a grammatical error, in fact I will probably make MANY grammatical errors, at any given point in time. It’s gonna happen. I’m not perfect… no one is. Even if no one reads it, I accomplished my goal of completing Salty Girl Living: Blog Post #1, and THAT is something to celebrate! Truth is, some people will like what I write and some won’t. That’s just the way it is… the way life is. So, without further adieu… I present to you… my business, my “Act 2”, my dream…

Salty Girl Living… Blog Post #1: Faith Over Fear!

What do you think?


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